Manage your Minecraft servers from anywhere!
Admine (previously known as Minecraft Server Admin) is an useful tool for everyone who runs a Minecraft server. Using the standard Minecraft RCON protocol allows the user to control all the parameters of the game without the need of extra mods or plugins. Only it's required to have query and rcon enabled on server's config.
  • Control vanilla Minecraft / PocketMine MP servers (no mods required!)
  • Check the status of your server on the go, including online playerlist.
  • Widget / Live tile support. Pin your favorite server to start!
  • Kick and Ban and Unban players with a single tap.
  • Toggle server's gamerules like mob's spawning or fire spreading easily.
  • Send messages to all players on the server.
  • Change world's time and weather.
  • Execute custom commands on the server
  • ... and many other features!

What users say

Works well. Does everything I need my server to do. Running my server on Linux without bukkit.

Trent, Android

Nice app, very useful to anyone who owns a Minecraft server but, like me, is often away from home... Strongly recommended!

Brazo, Windows Phone

Exactly what I needed. I was looking for something to manage my home server for my friends while I was out and about and not able to hop on. I had an issue getting it going, but the dev was willing to help and knew exactly what I overlooked. Running bukkit on MineOs.

Benjamin, Android

Works like it should, with only a seconds delay to the server.

Filip, Windows Phone

Just great... This app is awesome. No need for any server side addons is a big plus for me. Worth the money by far.

Paul, Android



October 22th, 2013
  • NEWServer gamerules can now be changed through the app.
  • NEWRCON console added.
  • NEWHi-res display support. (WP8)
  • FIXBugfixes and minor improvements.

Version 1.3 ANDROID

October 15th, 2013
  • NEWLandscape rotation support! Improvements for tablet devices.
  • NEWMini server widget. (backwards compatible to Android 2.2)
  • NEWPlayer spawn point dialog.
  • NEWSupport for the newly introduced game rules on Minecraft 1.6.
  • FIXBugfixes and minor improvements.


March 18th, 2013
  • NEWWidget / Live tile support! Pin your favorite server to start and take a quick look whenever you want of what's happening there.
  • NEWApp redesign. New icons and style bundled with this release.
  • FIXTons of internal improvements. Minor bug fixes.


Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to run the app ?

Nothing special. A minecraft server running 1.0 or higher with the native query and rcon enabled.

How can I enable Query and RCON on my server ?

You need to modify file on minecraft's server folder. Set enable-query=true, enable-rcon=true and rcon.password=yourpassword to any password you wish and restart the server. Query and RCON are at ports 25565 and 25575 by default on Minecraft PC and at port 19132 on PocketMine MP, you can change those ports by setting query.port=portnumber and rcon.port=portnumber on the same file. Check out the next question for more information.

What ports should I open for using the app outside my local network?

If you haven't changed Query or RCON port on Minecraft server's config, it'll be using the default ones. Check the table below and forward the ports properly on your firewall or router's nat.

Service Protocol Minecraft PC PocketMine MP
Query UDP 25565 19132
RCON TCP 25575 19132
Default server ports

Will the app work with my bukkit / tekkit server ?

Yes! As long as none of the bukkit plugins break vanilla minecraft server commands it will work without any problem.

My server runs over Hamachi. It's possible to control it using this app ?

I'm afraid but Hamachi servers aren't compatible with the app. There's no real limitation in the protocols used by the app, just the way hamachi works. When you use Hamachi to run your server you are creating a Virtual Private Network, Hamachi emulates a local connection with all the computers in your Hamachi network. The fact is that there's no way to an Android/Windows Phone device to connect to this virtual network because there's no Hamachi client for these platforms, so the app just wouldn't be ever able to find the server. I would recommend you to use your external ip instead of hamachi, forward the required ports and you will be good to go!

Will be real time chat built in the app anytime soon?

Yes, hopefully in the next major release :)

Why weather or gamerules dialogs are disabled when using a PocketMine MP server?

Due to limitations of the game. As now Minecraft PE is a bit behind the PC releases, there's not, for example, weather or player experience support. We will be enabling those features as the game support them.

I have read these faq's and my server it's still not working, what should I do ?

It's difficult to identify the source of the problem but there are some things you could try before giving up. Firstly if you are running a home server, try to use the internal IP in place of your external hostname, as some routers intend to behave badly when using external hostnames to access computers on your same lan. You can also try to look where the problem is coming from by using an alternate server query tool like Minecraft Status Checker, if that doesn't work either and you're running a bukkit server, check if none of the plugins you might have installed block any of the minecraft vanilla protocols. If still isn't working you can email us and we will try to help you.